Sunday, January 10, 2010

Amy's Harvest

So, you think mid-January is the wrong time to turn your thoughts toward gardening? Yep, me too. Until my talented and horticulturally advanced friend Amy taught me a thing or two, that is.

Did you know that late February is an ideal time to purchase seeds for your spring planting? (Plan early, avoid the rush on cherry tomato seeds.)

Were you aware that good gardening requires planning and that there are online tools to help you map out your growing space?

Had you any inkling that you can organize your garden around the phases of the moon? (This process doesn't even require any eye of newt of or toe of frog!)

Luckily for all of us, Amy has finally decided to spread her knowledge around like so much compost; she's writing her own blog now, called Amy's Harvest. It's worth a peek if gardening is your thing--or if you're trying to make it your thing.

And look for Amy to be guest blogging here soon with tips on gardening with Little Ones.

1 comment:

Amy Blair said...

Thanks for the promotion Mama!! Just say the word when you'd like me to blog about the little ones!


PS....I see nothing wrong with "Cookies and TV" for breakfast...... :)