Monday, March 22, 2010

Hello? Is This Thing On?

Well, Mamas, it seems I've taken an unexpected--and unannounced--sabbatical.

Had I more foresight, I might have warned you that I'd be checking out for awhile.

But who knew that single motherhood was this overwhelming? (Probably at least a few of you did.)

Well, I'm happy to be back and to issue a report from the front lines.

Yes, the dark circles under my eyes seem to have taken up permanent residence. (Thanks, Stila, for having this Mama's back.) And yes, my Little One has had to make some adjustments to her schedule. We both have. The transition hasn't been seamless and we're both learning quite a bit about resilience, patience, and Nick Jr. On Demand.

The good news?

We're doing just fine. She still eats her vegetables. She's reading and writing her name, along with a few other words. (She's still three, so this is big news!) She still loves Mama, Papa and everything she loved prior to our "big adjustment."

The transition hasn't been without its bumps, to be sure, and we're not without bruises. But together, we're making it happen, and happily.

So, Mamas, I'm back. Musings, updates, anecdotes and silliness to follow.

Just don't ask me why I look so tired.


Mandy P said...

Welcome back! It's amazing to me how many blogs I've read (and mine is included in this) where the opening line is, "sorry I've been gone so long..." etc. It seems it was meant to be for so many of us to take a break. Not always for rest, but just to step away from the blog for a bit. Hope your situation continues to get easier!


Meaghan said...

Hey Mandy! Thanks for the warm reception! It's really good to be back.

Congratulations on returning to yours!

xo Meaghan

Amy Blair said...

YAY! You're back! I knew you could do it.....just takes a little getting used to.


Ruth said...

Awesome, glad you're back! Know you must be crazy busy, so we'll just take whatever we can get. Maybe Mama's cup is only half full sometimes?

Meaghan said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Mamas. It's nice to feel wanted by someone other than the 3.5-year-old banging at the bathroom door.