Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Power of Positive Thinking: We Rock

When you hear the term "daily affirmation," it can conjure up some pretty silly images. (Remember Stuart Smalley?)

But just watch this little girl put some serious affirmations to work in front of her bathroom mirror.

Sure, it's cute--"I like my elephants!"--but it's also pretty powerful, especially when you consider the state of the self esteem of young girls (and grown women) in this country. It kind of makes me realize the level of responsibility I have to make sure I build the Little One up, every day, in every way.

My new goal is to get my kiddo this jazzed about herself and her life. While I'm at it, I could probably take a cue from little Jessica myself.

I do like my life. And I can do anything "good." So can my Little One. I think we'll spend some time after school today reminding ourselves just how much we rock.

Just don't look for us on YouTube in our pajamas.

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rebecca said...

that's uh-mazing!