Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Band of Mothers

Single Mamahood requires a lot of creativity. Single Mamahood as a freelance writer demands suspension of disbelief. It's a little like medieval warfare.

You get a gig, you lose a gig. You hustle. You work your ass rump off for just about everyone, but buy yourself precious little security in the process. You're understaffed and underfunded. Austerity measures in place, it is life without a safety net.

When I embarked on this particular adventure, the ranks of reliable supporting characters were thin and ill-equipped, like King Harry's 'happy few.' Since then, they've grown. So have I. And so has the Little One.

'All things be ready if our minds are so.' The Bard, for all his dramatic eloquence, could easily have written a self-help book for the Single Mama. Doing the whole single motherhood thing requires trust. Trust in yourself, trust in your kiddo's ability to negotiate change, and trust in those you rely on to help you, because none of us can do it alone. Even the legendary Henry V needed an army--however patchworked and improvised--to defeat the French at Agincourt.

The takeaway from this scene for the Single Mama--for anyone, really--is simple. No matter what the odds, no matter how the deck is stacked against you--lost gigs, lost sitters, broken hearts, and tired minds--you can't afford to lose faith. If you lose faith in yourself, in your ranks, in your future, then you cede the day without ever having fought to win it.

'We are but warriors for the working day.' And so we work. We strive. We comfort, console and contend.

It's what we do, we few, we happy few, we band of mothers.